Pour mon cœur


After my first exhibition and Artists talk in France, my wife and I spent two weeks in Paris. Experiencing such a city with Sonia (who was born and raised there, and is very much a product of the city) was moving for me, as I was able  to better know both her and the city through the lens of her life experiences. Inspired by Paris and excited about inhabiting the ancient city in such a way, I designed a “Faux Hermès” scarf embellishing parts of local monuments, and a couple of my wife’s favorite places in New York City, where we live.

The imagery of the scarf includes scenes from the French revolution, the 1789 Women’s march to Versailles, sculptures from the monuments at Bastille, Place de la République, historical variations of the Paris coat of arms, as well as a couple of New York monuments; one of the iconic Lions guarding the New York Public Library, and the Angel of the Waters sculpture at Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain– two of my wife’s favourite places in New York City.